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DideoNet Korea

Dionet Co., Ltd. is the only multimedia venture company in Korea that has pioneered the high-definition streaming service market by developing its own streaming technology in Korea over the past decade since its foundation in 2001.
In addition, we are operating an internet broadcasting station ‘SEEBOX-Play the World’, providing a service where internet users can create and share together.

Venture Capitalist / Finance

First Ventures

First Ventures is a global startup accelerator that aims to build an ecosystem where startups can grow and scale from their early stages towards the global market.​
First Ventures operates a global investment-linkage platform “Wonderise”, which supports connection and interaction between startups and investors, and allows domestic startups to attract overseas investment.


ZeroToOnePartners is a management consulting company that helps startups who want to change the world innovatively.
For companies that have the goal of creating better values and solving problems, we want to be an accelerator that can accelerate growth by filling in the gaps of the company.
Through various fields of experts and networks, we will work together to achieve the goals of startups by providing acceleration services.


The company name FINMART is a compound word of Financial and Mart, which contains the customer-oriented products to provide customers with variety of financial products as if they are shopping at a supermarket.
Fin-mart, as the word implies, aims to be a low-priced discount shopping mall for financial products, and has been providing financial consumers with a comparative information platform that provides the best product selection.

Beauty / Bio


EIR Lab has been in the spa business for over 20 years and its business is the only goal of the company.
Eir Lab has developed functional cosmetics which were recognized by customers who were used to the premium imported cosmetics. Eir Lab, which has been certified as a research institute company by the Ministry of Science and ICT, aims to replace imported premium cosmetics by developing premium functional cosmetics through its affiliated research institute.


Since our establishment on June 24, 2016, we have conducted diverse researches for Well-Aging by overcoming Alzheimer’s disease and other incurable diseases based on our core-technology.  We take a step forward to contribute to healthy and happy lives of human-being by developing patient-oriented therapeutics encoding disease-target functional genes. Besides, we continuously strive to achieve our ultimate goals for developing the most-effective, but the least-expensive medicines via excellent core-technologies.



Seegram is the world’s first “4 Way Nano Optical Lens” developed by Lentech Korea’s state-of-the-art Optical Technology for security, activation and anti-counterfeiting.
Seegram is a new generation technology that goes beyond the existing anti-counterfeiting solution.
Seegram’s technology is protected through domestic and international patents. We promise to protect your brand/product with unparalleled technologies through continuous research and development in the future.

Korea Small and Medium Business Development Association

The Korea Small and Medium Business Development Association will make efforts to support sustainable growth in discovering star companies and spreading their values by improving the internal value of SMEs.
By establishing a One-Stop Owner Care Solution system, we are striving to quickly identify and solve problems faced by companies through matching with Korea’s top expert groups and collaborating with each local government.