DApp Ecosystem

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DideoNet Korea

Dionet Co., Ltd. is the only multimedia venture company in Korea that has pioneered the high-definition streaming service market by developing its own streaming technology in Korea over the past decade since its foundation in 2001.
In addition, we are operating an internet broadcasting station ‘SEEBOX-Play the World’, providing a service where internet users can create and share together.


OTT & DFEC  Digital Football Entertainment Contents Platform

AIMBROAD is the world’s first platform that owns real-time football AI technology that creates all football matches in the world with real-time digital OTT contents.

Beauty / Bio


EIR Lab has been in the spa business for over 20 years and its business is the only goal of the company.
Eir Lab has developed functional cosmetics which were recognized by customers who were used to the premium imported cosmetics. Eir Lab, which has been certified as a research institute company by the Ministry of Science and ICT, aims to replace imported premium cosmetics by developing premium functional cosmetics through its affiliated research institute.