About AndUsChain Technology

AndusChain, more than five years, has established a cooperative relationship with the DongguK University Blockchain Research Center to develop AndusChain.  Professor Park, Sung Jun, leader of the development team and one of the top cryptographies and blockchain experts in Korea, provided the consensus algorithm theory for the development of AndusChain.  Today AndusChain development is completed, and the development source is disclosed at Github.  AndusChain has completed the verification work for the mainnet internally and externally by launching the AndusChain testnet and is successfully operating the mainnet.  Presently, AndusChain mainnet is operating with multiple nodes installed in the cloud and in the Coredax Exchange.  Transaction information and cryptocurrency services are provided to customers through AndusChain’s Explorer and Wallet.

Deb Consensus Algorithm

Algorithms that secure fairness in the consensus process allow anyone to participate in mining and gain equal mining opportunities. Fairness in Deb consensus algorithms is a key value to realizing decentralization.

Paid Mining League Setup Stage

01 Mining League
Setup Stage

  • Nodes that want to participate in mining can join.
  • Nodes participating in mining league have the opportunity to create blocks.
Block Creation Stage

02 Block Creation

  • Mining nodes generate blocks including pseudo-random numbers
  • Increased mining probability with more participation in the mining league ensures equal mining opportunities for mining nodes
Consensus Stage

03 Consensus

  • Consensus is done by majority vote with Maximum Random Number Rule (MRNR)
  • If each mining node has a majority of the blocks selected by MRNR, consensus and finality of the blocks are provided at the same time

Decentralization and performance improvement achieved through cooperation between fair nodes and mining nodes