Article 1 (The main principles)

  1. Personal information protection is a legitimate right of the user, and the software is obligated to protect this right.
  2. We do not collect user account passwords.
  3. We do not access your property and we do not ask for your name or email address
  4. We do not store user’s personal information.

Article 2 (Network IP management)

  1. We do not collect or store user access IPs.

Article 3 (Physical location information)

  1. We do not collect or store the user’s physical location information.

Article 4 (Secure communication with our server)

  1. All communication with the server must use HTTPS.

Article 5 (Statistics and Aggregation)

We may collect usage information for software improvement. However, this information is only used anonymously for counting, and no personally identifiable information is used.

1. Cookies and Purpose of Use

Cookies store the user’s preferred settings, etc. to support a faster web environment for users, and use them to improve services for convenient use. This makes it easier for users to use the service.

Necessary Cookies:  These cookies are essential for users to use the company’s website functions. Failure to accept these cookies may result in restrictions on the provision of services. These cookies do not collect information that can be used for marketing or to remember the sites you visit on the Internet.

Performance Cookies:  These cookies collect information about how users are using the website, such as information about which pages, they visit most often. This data helps us optimize our website and make it easier for users to browse our website. These cookies do not collect information about who you are, and all information collected is processed collectively to ensure anonymity.

2. Installation, operation, and rejection of cookies

Users have the option of installing cookies and may refuse to store or delete these cookies at any time. However, if the user refuses to install cookies, there may be difficulties with some services provided by the company.

3. How to refuse cookie settings

  • Internet Explorer: Select Tools menu > Select Internet Options > Click Privacy tab > Advanced privacy settings > Cookie level settings
  • Chrome: Select Settings menu > Select Show advanced settings > Privacy & security > Select Content settings > Cookie level settings
  • Safari: Select Preferences menu > Privacy tab > Cookies and website data level settings
  • FireFox: Select Tools menu > Select Preferences menu > Select Privacy & Security tab > Set Content Blocking
  • Opera: Select Tools menu > Select Settings menu > Select Privacy & Security tab > Cookie level settings

Article 6 (Request for support)

If your contact is supported, we may inadvertently collect your personally identifiable information as part of a support request.  However, we will endeavor to keep your personal information secure and confidential.  Support information may be managed using third-party services, and additional terms of those services may apply to your support request.

Article 7 (Change of personal information protection policy)

  1. While most changes may be minor, Andus may change its Privacy Policy from time to time and may make changes in Andus’ sole discretion.
  2. We encourage visitors to this site to check our page frequently for changes to our privacy policy.
  3. Your continued use of this site after changes to this Privacy Policy constitutes acceptance of such changes.
  4. This site reserves the right to change or modify any part of this privacy policy at any time in the future.

Article 8 (Inquiries about personal information protection.)