Team AndUsChain

Sung Jun Park

Sung Jun Park Ph.D

  • AndUs Co., Ltd. CEO (AndUsChain / Daon)
  • Korea’s leading blockchain/cryptocurrency technology and services specialist
  • Development of Deb Agreement Algorithm with Sustainable Decentralization Characteristics
  • The creator of the AndUsChain who applied the Deb consensus algorithm to Ethereum, Mainnet
  • Director of Blockchain Research Center, Graduate School of International Information Security, at Dongguk University
  • Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of International Information Security, Dongguk University (Cryptography and Blockchain)
  • Member of the Intelligence Promotion Committee of the Ministry of Education (Chairman of the Private Committee)
  • National standard expert in the field of TTA blockchain

Sae Woong Choi

CTO/Head of Research Institute
  • Head of Technology Research Institute
  • Development of the DEB consensus algorithm
  • Blockchain source technology transfer training (Sejong Telecom)
  • Development of blockchain-based national DR project by Internet & Security Agency
  • Bitcoin trading system for Huobi Bitcoin exchange

Young Hae (Jonathan) Jung

CTO/Head of Business Division
  • Frontend development of DASA Platform based on AndusChain
  • Backend development of DASA Platform based on AnducChain
  • DASA Platform Design and Development Executive
  • Establishment and management of development environment


GLOBALLINKERS/Senior Consultant

  • KAI   Training and Consulting: MBSE(Model Based System Engineering)
  • IBM   Training: Course of the Systems and Software Architecture Development
  • SK C&C   Training&Consulting: Course of the AI IBM Watson Expert Development.
  • LG Electronics   Consulting: DOORS & Rhapsody- Develop HUD using ISO26262
  • Hansung University   Training: Course of Requirements Engineering and Project management


IBM KOREA/Architectural Technical Leader

  • Samsung   Rhapsody training, consulting and make guideline for Developers
  • LG Electronics   UML,TAU G2 Training, Consulting, Writing User and System Requirement, DOORS & Rhapsody training for Software Engineering
  • POSCO   Process Control migration:  C code Reverse Engineering using Rhapsody and Made SW architecture & Writing System Requirements


TELELOGIC KOREA/Director, Senior Consultant

  • TAU: SDL Suite, TTCN Suite, Logiscope(Rule/Test Check part)
  • TTD(Telelogic TAU Developer), TTT(Telelogic TAU tester)
  • DOORS: Requirements Management Tool
  • Samsung:  TTD develop methodology and process(DOORS, TTD), Development methodology of test case using TTT, SDL training, consulting
  • ETRI:  SDL training & consulting
  • ADD:  TTD training, TTD Develop methodology
  • LG Electronics:  SDL training, consulting(develop methodology)


SHINGU UNIVERSITY/Department of Electronic Calculation Professor

  • Visual C++ training
  • Visual Basic training


OPENTEL NETWORK DAEWOO TELECOM/Senior Manager of Development Department

  • Development of HomePNA software using pSOS(RTOS)
  • Development of TDX-100 Centrex terminal based on N-ISDN LAPD and Q.931 protocol for Hanhwa Telecom
  • Development : N-ISDN D-Channel packet protocol and Call processing part)



  • TDX-100 Public Switch:  Development of N-ISDN (LAPB, LAPD, Q.931, X.25, X.75), Call Control, MMI and Routing
  • TDX-10A Public Switch:  Development of number translator & routing control software
  • TDX-10 Public Switch:  Development of device driver, real time operating system
  • Co-development with ETRI of N-ISDN packet communication protocol & call processing part