Blockchain based Youth Entrepreneurship School Opening in Korea, in Collab of AndusChain and Daegu City

2023-08-18 14:52
Blockchain based Youth Entrepreneurship School is opening in Daegu, South Korea. The school is a collaboration project between AndusChain and Daegu Metropolitan City Public Agency for Social Service.

This collaboration will bring not just invigorate the blockchain market, but bring the expansion and growth of the Anduschain ecosystem.

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Daegu Metropolitan City Public Agency for Social Service to Launch Blockchain-based Youth Entrepreneurship School…Recruiting 1st Batch of Students
by Reporter Lee Insu

On August 13th, Daegu Metropolitan City Public Agency introduced ‘Blockchain School’, established to promote the blockchain-based entrepreneurial ecosystem of Daegu City by offering education and support for local youth. Any youth between ages of 19 and 34 can apply.

Daegu Metropolitan City Public Agency will recruit students for the first term of the Blockchain School until August 31st.

The first term of the program will run for four months from September 1st to December 31st. Applications are open for both teams and individuals. For theoretical education, Dr. Park Sung-jun, the head of Dongguk University’s Blockchain Research Center, will be in charge, and for practical training, Professor Choi Se-woong from the same university’s research center will lead.

The program consists of a ‘One-stop program’ that supports everything from theory to actual entrepreneurship:
△ Step 1: Blockchain and digital asset theory and practical training (8 days)
△ Step 2: Exploration of blockchain-based business models (7 days)
△ Step 3: Selection of business models with a high probability of success (3 days)
△ Step 4: Concrete entrepreneurial and growth support
△ Step 5: Monitoring for vitality of the Business and Support for troubles or questions

Applications can be made by accessing the Daegu Metropolitan City Public Agency’s “Life Long Education Portal” online platform and searching for ‘Blockchain’. Related inquiries can be sent to Daegu Metropolitan City Public Agency contacts directly. This program will be operated in three batches. Following the ‘1st course’ in September, the ‘2nd course’ will proceed in January 2024, and the ‘3rd course’ will be held in May 2024, with each course lasting four months.

Jeong Soon-cheon, the head of the Daegu Happiness Promotion Institute, stated, “Since the inception of our institution, we’ve been running various youth participation programs and have received numerous requests from local youth for specialized education on blockchain.” She added, “Moving forward, we will continue to create diverse programs that reflect the real voices and needs of our young people.”

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