DAON coin is a cryptocurrency. AndUsChain is the blockchain and DAON is the primary asset of AndUsChain.


Realize a fair and just blockchain world where we all live well together.



Trust-based public blockchain platform with high speed


Realize blockchain economic ecosystem


Infrastructure with maximized convenience

About AndUsChain

Andsuchain is the next-generation Ethereum that overcomes the shortcomings of Ethereum (performance, fees, inequity of mining, etc.). The major feature is that anyone can mine at the same rate regardless of conditions such as computer power, stake, etc. It is 20 times faster than Ethereum and less than 1/100 the fee.

Anduschain is a public blockchain platform that combines the deb consensus algorithm developed by improving the problems of the existing consensus algorithm to the Ethereum platform. The deb consensus algorithm used by AndusChain is a consensus algorithm with fairness as its core value and allows nodes that want to mine to participate in mining without conditions. In addition, mining nodes participating in mining can get an equal chance of mining. The cryptocurrency used in AndusChain is Daon, and the unit is DEB.